31 Jul 2023


The following Rules will be amended/included with immediate effect


  • Add to 2.3b Spurs Rule: If the umpires have sent off a horse for an injury caused from the rider’s use of spurs, then that player is not permitted to wear any spurs for the remainder of that match.
  • Whips, to be same as HPA: Hitting the pony more than once on its quarters without allowing the pony to react before any further hit
  • Tack, to be same as HPA(iii) Tongue ties are not permitted.
  • Add to Penalty 4: b. All of the team defending the hit to be 40 yards from the Penalty 4 line until the ball is hit or hit at. This will be marked by a dot, 20 yards from the backline and in line with the centre of goal which is to be used by the umpires as a point of reference.
  • Add to Penalty 6 as per highlight: b. The team facing the hit to be behind the 30 yard line and at least 40 yards from the ball until the ball is hit or hit at.
  • Change duration of chukkas from 7 ½ / 7 mins to: Normal Chukka. Except for the final chukka or extra time, each chukka shall be a maximum of 7 minutes. After 6 ½ minutes, the first bell will be rung. Any polo 12 goal and above it is recommended that that chukka time is reduced to 6 mins then first bell.
  • Change: Final Chukka. In the final chukka, the game will end on the first sound of the 6 ½ minute bell (changed from 7 minute bell)
  • Update to Judgement Calls: 12. Judgement Calls. h. Dangerous Play (pony or player hit at close quarters). • An opposing player cannot position themselves in the right of way of a player in possession, but they do have a right to position themselves either side, in front (at a safe distance), level or behind provided they do not infringe the right of way and with no intention to use the horse to block the shot. If the player in possession chooses to slow down and the opposing player places themselves, WITHOUT FOULING outside of the right of way and where the hitter wants to hit the ball, the player in possession will foul if they then create danger by hitting the ball into or through the pony or player. The opposing player also have the right to position themselves between the hitter and the goal. Note: Umpires will penalise a defending player inside the 60-yard line immediately if they have infringed the right of way and are not legitimately allowed to be there rather than using a “Clear” call and then “use it” to the player in possession, as this could lead to a player having to strike the ball in close proximity of other players. A reminder to all player that this rule is primarily to protect the horses and players welfare and not as rule to gain tactical advantage.

Accumulation of Yellow Flags. If a player accumulates four yellow flags across games, the player will start the next four matches on a yellow flag or matches as decided by the relevant State Association where the incident occurred, if those matches are not due to be played. Any yellow flag awarded during those games shall result in:

  1. A sin bin, and a player may be sin binned several times within a chukka and/or game;
  2. A further two games of equivalent status starting on a yellow. The player concerned shall continue to start on a yellow until he has provided to the relevant State Association details of the games played (date and tournament) and confirmation that no further flags have been incurred, signed off by the host club.
  3. A record of flags will be recorded and only reset at the end of that year (being 1st Jan calendar year)

Awarding of Flags. 

  1. Umpires must have passed the base umpire test to be able to award flags. 
  2. Yellow flags will carry over across all levels and tournaments for that calendar year. For example:  If you have accumulated 4 yellow flags you will start games at ANY LEVEL on a yellow flag. 


As of August 1st (Horse’s Birthday), the year a pony turns 20 years of age, it is only able to:

  • be used for coaching clinics/lessons and stick and balling or
  • play in subzero grade polo with a player on a -2 handicap, provided it has had a heart and eye test done by a current registered vet within the last 12 months, and the owner/player can provide a relevant certificate of proof.


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