National Umpiring Program
To promote safety and fair play in the game of polo, and to encourage and guide umpiring activity and training, the Australian Polo Federation Ltd has developed a National Umpiring program under the Australian Sports Commission’s National Officiating Accreditation Scheme. The programs are designed to assist the Australian and State Associations in the proper organisation and presentation of courses for umpires.

Click HERE for contact details of your State or Zone Chief Umpire for further information on Umpire accreditation programs in your region.

Guide to team level / first umpire grade:
Level: Over 18g    First Umpire: Open
Level: 8-18g    First Umpire: A Grade
Level: 2-8g    First Umpire: B Grade
Level 2g & under    First Umpire: C Grade

Online Rules Test:
To assist players and umpires in accesing convenient rules testing, the APF is pleased to announce the Online Rules Test hosted through IPA is now open. Please click here for further information.

Accredited Umpires
Accredited umpires and players' umpire grades are shown on the Handicap List on this website.

Online Rules visit - these online rules include some links to a video and explanation of the rule.