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The Australian Polo Hall of Fame was launched in 2012 to formally recognise the greats of the game. The founding inductees were announced at the Hall of Fame Inaugural Dinner held in Sydney on Thursday 28th March 2013.

A selection panel was appointed by the APF to determine the founding inductees. Each State Association has a representative on the panel which consists of:

Richard Maple Brown (NSW)
Pat MacGinley (QLD)
Ted Mann (Vic)
Ross Leighton (WA)
John Taylor (APC)
Jeremy Bayard has been appointed independent Chairman.

The founding members included several outstanding figures from Australia’s polo history. Subsequent intakes of a few players will be conducted every second year.

In order to be chosen for the Hall of Fame, candidates must have had a profound influence on the sport through achievement of an extraordinary level of success over a period of time, or made a significant contribution through the development of the game. They will be considered a benchmark of excellence in their respective era.

The ultimate accolade in the Hall of Fame will be reserved for a chosen few –
The Immortals. This special recognition will be bestowed upon those few people who had such enormous influence on the sport that they either dominated or changed the game. Their name and repute should be such that their legend lives through eras and generations.

A special Lifetime Achievement Award can be made by the Hall of Fame to those people that have made a significant contribution to the sport through administration, yet may not have played the sport, achieved a high handicap or on-field success.

Clubs and individuals are invited to make submissions to the selection panel via email to HOF@australianpolo.com.au.


The Australian Polo Hall of Fame Inaugural Dinner took place on Thursday 28th March 2013 in Sydney.

Congratulations and thanks for the memories to the inaugural inductees

the Ashton Brothers,
Sinclair Hill,
Bob Skene,
Jim MacGinley,
Peter Cudmore,
Ken Telford and
James Ashton.

Congratulations to the owners of the Ponies to Remember:

Bob Hannon “Chester”,
Ellerston “Pinky & Suva”,
Richard Walker “Princess”,
Stuart Gilmore “Tuesday”,
John Kilmartin “Maria Tod”,
Jim Gilmore “Treskaa”,
Sinclair Hill “Jessica“,
Caroline McGilvray “Martini”,
Jim MacGinley “Chips”,
Jamie Mackay “Castinette”,
Mackay family “Panzer”,
Ken Telford “Tasman” and
Matthew Axelson “Patches”.

Particular thanks to all who travelled significant distances for the night including visitors from Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Special thanks to the committee: Ross Leighton (WA), Pat MacGinley (QLD), Ted Mann (Vic), Richard Maple-Brown (NSW) and John Taylor (APF).

Further thanks to the award presenters Anto White, James Archibald, John Patterson, Glen Gilmore, Ian McDuie and Jim Gilmore; Master of Ceremonies Hamish McLachlan and official photographer Joe McInally.

Photos: to view and order photographs of the evening, please go to  Joe McInally Photography website: www.polopics.com.