About The Australian Polo Federation

Polo is played throughout Australia; there are approximately 50 Clubs and State Associations in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA and South Australia. To find out more about polo in your state, or your nearest Club, please click on the Map on the Home Page.

The Australian Polo Federation (APF) is the governing body for all forms of polo in Australia, from juniors through to high performance for regular field polo and variants including arena, beach & snow polo. Its members are the 5 State Polo Associations. Its objectives are to promote the playing and interest in polo; to co-ordinate international teams and matches; to set rules, policies and guidelines; and to supervise handicapping of all Australian players.

As well as the APF Board of Directors, there is a Benchmark Committee to assist in the setting of handicaps across the country, an Australian Selection Committee to assist with team selection, the Rules Committee that revises Australian polo rules and a Horse Welfare Committee.

The APF is affiliated to the Federation of International Polo (FIP) with representative delegates who liaise on behalf of Australia, and the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) in England.