The Australian Appaloosa Polo book, The Legend of Lenny the Leopard, by David Everdell

26 Jul 2023

     At long last, the book is ready, in both the HARD COVER and the SOFT COVER.  Its called The Legend Of Lenny The Leopard.  It maybe that you’ve already seen this because I released a pre-run at the Millamolong and Goulburn and small Windsor polo tournaments just recently because all three are especially relevant to the book and the history of it.    Many of you, whom I am writing too, are in the book.   I’ve written in memory of Jamie Ashton and all that surrounded him. Not only did I write and do every part of the book myself but I have both produced and published it all here in Australia through a company called Mixams. I took nearly 6 moths to write during “lockdown” and covid19.  It then took over one and a half years to find a publisher. No one was interested in horses.  Mixams had just moved to Sydney from England and they are the best people to deal with. I am so proud to be part of them and they have large offices in Canada, USA and England so that makes it doubly good.   Producing the book in Australia makes the cost a little high and so as well as the hard cover book I’ve also produced a soft cover that reduces its cost, though both are exactly the same. One book has a hard cover and is maybe longer wearing and the other has a soft cover that is easier to produce.

      As well as many of the last photo I have left, the book has some facts that may be interesting.  Our most famous polo player is our most revered poet, Banjo Paterson. Not only was he an amazing horseman who rode in both the Boar and First World War, but he also played polo for New South Wales.  There are lots of Australians and New Zealanders and United States and South American and United Kingdom people in the book.   There are over 30,000 owners of Appaloosa horses worldwide and the name and the near extinction of the horse are explained in the book.   Lenny is the only international Appaloosa Polo Horse in the world to be photographed and tabulated throughout his polo career by David Everdell.  The fact that the name of the Ashtons is known worldwide is also explained in the book especially due to their taking a small ship, the MV Port Huon, loading their horses on it and taking on the world in polo.

     THE PRICE OF THE BOOKS is $100 AU for the Hard Cover and $80 AU for the Soft Cover.  These prices include $20 AU for packaging and postage in Australia.  The book would cost $10 AU extra to send to New Zealand.  

     The artist who painted two pictures for the book, Robbie Marheine, is originally Robyn Foster from Timaru on the east coast of New Zealand. She is a great horse woman and involved heavily in polo.

     The size of the book is A4 and it is about 1.5 cm thick. That means its easy to take with you and read at a café etc..

      To buy the book you simply write to David Everdell at  

and tell me what you need, and I will write back with the price and my internet site that you can pay on. Don’t forget to put your NAME and there or latter, your ADDRESS.

       Also I can AUTOGRAPH the book over to you if you would like me too. Just make a note of that. The book is the last vestige of my photography as someone has thrown away all of my negatives and albums.

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