Teams Announced: Ladies Interstate Tournament at Ellerston, 17-18 March 2017

6 Mar 2017

Congratulation to the following State teams selected to play a Ladies Interstate Tournament at Ellerston:

NSW: 3 Goal
Shannon Booth (0)
Indi Bennetto (0)
Billie Mascart (1)
Kirsty Sullivan (2)
Reserve: Catriona Murphy (0)

QLD:  2 Goal
Sarah Nunn (0)
Alessia Russo (0)
Sian Barnacle (1)
Philipa Fitz-Henry (1)
Reserve: Amelia Brian (-1)

VIC: 1 Goal
Fiona Kalies (0)
Inge Burke (0)
Clemi Mann (0)
Kelly Fernandez (1)
Reserve: Heleni Goodman (0)

SA: -1 Goal
Joolz Nasir (-1)
Maddie Shoesmith (0)
Whitney Warren (0)
Chloe Warren (0)
Reserve: Natalie Roberts (-2)

Player Bios:
Billie Mascart – Handicap 1  (NSW)
Billie has been playing polo for the last 9 years and is a member of Windsor Polo Club in Richmond, NSW. She has played across Australia, New Zealand and just recently in Malaysia in tournaments ranging from 0 to 14 goals. Her polo highlights have been winning the Riverlands Ladies tournament in 2010 alongside Nina Clarkin, winning the Ellerston Women’s Circuit 2016 for NSW as well as the Malaysian Ladies Championship in Oct 2016. Another highlight is playing alongside her brother and dad most weekends!

Shannon Booth – Handicap 0  (NSW)
Shannon has been playing polo for 5 years after coming across from dressage and eventing where as a young rider she competed for Australia in New Zealand. Shannon is currently a member of Town and country polo club and has played 0 - 8 goal polo. Her most memorable moment was winning the Ellerston Ladies Tournament in March 2016 with the NSW ladies team.

Kirsty Sullivan – Handicap 2  (NSW)
The highest rated Australian female polo player, Kirsty has been playing polo for 22 years, playing all over the world - NZ, Germany, USA and Singapore, competing in such events as the Shanghai Tang tournament in 2007 and 2008 and the Northern Challenge Cup 2010 USA Ladies Tournament. Kirsty lives in Murrurundi with her 2 young children and partner Rob, where she breeds and trains horses.

Joolz Nasir – Handicap -1 (SA)
Her passion for horses goes back to a child in England, but she only started playing polo in 2009. She usually plays in mixed teams in Perth WA, and has been fortunate to play in in both mixed and ladies all around Australia and Thailand a couple of times. Her polo highlights this year have been playing her first 13 goal game in Perth, then venturing to play in Yaloak, Vic, the Barr Smith in Adelaide and the masters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June. July took her to the ‘Spanish International Ladies Tournament’ in Soto Grande with fellow Australians, followed by games in England, such an eye opener to meet all the talented ladies from all over the globe. She has recently graduated after 5 years of study in Nutritional Medicine and is now starting up her own business, which is very exciting.

Whitney Warren – Handicap 0 (SA)
From South Australia, Whitney grew up playing polo in small country clubs with close friends and family. Through polo she has met some amazing people and has been able to travel Australia and the world playing, grooming and training horses. A lot of these experiences have been shared with her younger sister Chloe, together they have had a blast! She is looking forward to another ladies tournament in Sydney.

Chloe Warren – Handicap 0 (SA)
Chloe grew up with horses and has been riding since the age of 5. A family interest in polo and love of horses contributed to a natural progression into the sport.
She has been lucky enough to play, train and work with horses throughout Australia and around the world. She most recently spent time in Norway for their 2016 summer season. She had a fabulous time playing polo, training young horses and coaching club members. The highlight of the trip was being able to take part in the first Norwegian Polo Open. It was a great success and fun time for all!  She looks forward to playing the 2016/2017 polo season with family and friends!

Sian Barnacle – Handicap 1 (QLD)
For Sian, home is originally England, she now lives in Beaudesert, QLD. She has played across Australia as well as in New Zealand, England, Ireland and just recently in Spain at Sotogrande. Her polo highlights have been representing QLD at the Women’s Polo Circuit held at Ellerston in March last year, an eye opening and incredible experience for her was representing Australia in the Spanish women’s championships at Sotogrande playing against the top women international players as well as winning the QLD Gold Cup alongside Damien Johnson, Ron Wanless and Alec White.

Phillipa Fitz-Henry – Handicap 1 (QLD)
Phillipa played her first tournament at 11 years old. So far she has played in most states of Australia as well as New Zealand, Singapore, England, Ireland and Argentina. She has represented Queensland and Australia on the polo field and hopes to represent Australia again in the near future! When she is not sitting on a horse, she is a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, as well as a Truck Driver!

Alessia Russo – Handicap 0 (QLD)
Living in Sydney but growing up in Brisbane, Alessia has been playing polo for the last 9 years as a member of the South East Queensland Polo Club. A constant highlight for her is playing alongside her father in various tournaments across QLD and NSW. Tournament highlights have been representing QLD and winning the inaugural ‘State of Origin,’ as well as winning the Monte Vista Family Tournament played in QLD.

Clementine Mann – Handicap 0 (VIC)
Clementine has been playing for 4 years, but has worked many years with polo ponies in Australia and Argentina before taking up playing competitively. She previously evented full time, including spending 5 years in the UK. Highlights in polo would be winning the 4 goal at Garangula last year and receiving MVP, winning the 8 goal Jeep day last year and receiving the pony prize with XB (a little mare she got off the race track from Marree) as well as MVP. Her best polo highlight is definitely watching horses that she has worked with playing in the Argentine open and high goal in the UK.

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