Benchmark Committee

The Benchmark Committee is appointed by the APF. Its purpose is to make recommendations to the APF in the setting of players' handicaps. It is currently comprised of 7 representatives; one from each State Association plus two members appointed by the APF Delegates. The APF President sits as Chairman but is non-voting.

For more information on the APF Benchmark Committee, please see the APF Handicap Policy.

The 2017 APF Benchmark Players are:

7 goals: James Harper

6 goals: Sam Hopkinson, Matt Grimes.

5 goals: Damien Johnston, Kelvin Johnson, Guy Kirkpatrick.

4 goals: Adam Tolhurst, Gillon McLachlan, Will Gilmore, Will White.

3 goals: Ric McCarthy, Hamish McGregor, Brodie Donovan.

2 goals: Jason Butt, Daren Smith, Angus Gunn, James Shepherd, Jim Rawlings, Callum MacLachlan, Angus Campbell.

1 goal: Tim Clarke, Nick Simpson, Jason Stowe, Marty Leacy, Mark Barber, Kelly Fernandez, Max O'Leary.

0 goals: Geoff Stowe, Kym Warren, Julie McIntosh, Bill Taylor, Inge Burke, Mark Adamson, Justin Cowley, Marnie Hammersley.


Benchmark Committee Chair (non voting)
Mr Tim Clarke
Tel: 0418 838 351
APF Representative
Mr Glen Gilmore
Tel: 0412 120 852 Email:
APF Representative
Mr Andrew Williams
QLD Representative
Mr Damien Johnston
NSW Representative
Mr Angus Campbell
SA Representative
Mr Jock MacLachlan
VIC Representative
Mr Greg Keyte
Tel: 0417 323 149
WA Representative
Mr Sam Hamersley
Tel: 0417 183 123