Windsor Polo International - Results

31 Mar 2018

Result, Colts Match for the Ken Austin Trophy:
NSW Country defeated NSW City 5 - 2 goals
Most Valuable Player: Monty Campbell

Result, Ladies International Polo Club
New Zealand defeated Australia in extra time, 5 - 4 goals
Most Valuable Player: Julie McIntosh

Result, Mens' International for the Sinclair Hill Trophy
Australia defeated New Zealand 8 - 6 goals
Champion Pony: Nupe played by S C Hopkinson
Most Valuable Player: Alec White

The teams for the Windsor Polo International on 31st March 2018 and RAS Polo International on 2nd April 2018 have been announced:

Windsor Polo International
Australia - 22g
1. Alec White 5g
2. Dirk Gould 5g
3. Matt Grimes 6g
4. Glen Gilmore 6g ©

Reserve: Jake Daniels
Coach: Jack Archibald

New Zealand - 22g
1. Guy Kirkpatrick 5g
2. Kit Brooks 5g
3. Tom Hunt 6g
4. Sam Hopkinson 6g
Coach: Simon Keyte

The Windsor Polo International Ladies match teams selected (match to be played on Ladies Handicaps):
Australia - 14g
1. Billie Mascart 4g

2. Alessia Russo 3g ©
3. Indiana Bennetto 4g
4. Julie McIntosh 3g.
Reserve: Shannon Booth 3g
Coach: Jim Gilmore

New Zealand - 14g

Missy Browne 5g
Georgia Burrows 3g
Laura Harris Malone 3g
Susie Hamilton 3g
Harriet McKelvie 3
Coach: Simon Keyte
Manager: Bryan Burrows

RAS Polo International
Australia - 16g
1. Alec White 5g

2. Jake Daniels 5g
3. Glen Gilmore 6g ©

Reserve: Dirk Gould 5g
Coach: Jack Archibald

New Zealand - 17g

1. Guy Kirkpatrick 5g
2. Tom Hunt 6g
3. Sam Hopkinson 6g

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