XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017 Preparations Update - A Message from Tim Clarke, APF Chairman

28 Jul 2017

On behalf of the Australian Polo Federation I wish to reassure the polo community that based on all the information provided to us, the 2017 XI FIP World Polo Championship is proceeding as planned. The APF and NSWPA are continually monitoring progress in all key aspects of the event preparations.

The horse procurement team has confirmed the horse numbers are on track, and the process of grading and identifying them will begin in August. We thank the horse lenders for their generosity and commitment to Australian polo and this wonderful event. All horses coming to the World Polo Championship site will be subject to strict biosecurity measures including horse health declarations (HHD) and movement logs (HML). Whilst the HHD’s and HML’s are mandatory for Queensland and for the World Championships event, we also encourage players to complete them for all interstate and interzone horse movements. Anto White is still welcoming any additional horses for consideration, so if you have not already committed and would like to lend horses please contact him on 02 6546 1121.

We are delighted to confirm James Harper has been appointed coach to the Australia Team. James is an experienced leader of teams with outstanding strategy skills respected by players the world over. The current provisional Australia squad is Jack Archibald, Alec White, Dirk Gould, Jock Mackay, Jasper White, Jake Daniels, James Lester, Dan O’Leary, Gus Aguirre, Luke Reid, Jack Kiely, Aiden Nunn, Alex Barnet, Tom Martin, Lachie Gilmore. The final squad of 10 players will be selected by early September and the playing team will be announced in early October.

We are encouraged that the extensive preparations taken by the Sydney Polo Club WPC team to date will ensure this is an outstanding event that the Australian Polo Community can be truly proud of.

Tim Clarke, APF Chairman

For further information on the XI World Polo Championships visit

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