XI FIP World Polo Championship 2017 - Thank You from Anto White

1 Nov 2017

Dear Polo Community,

As the curtain falls on the XI FIP World Polo Championship, we need to be very proud of what we achieved.  In the words of Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers ‘‘this has been the best World Cup ever’’.

Our greatest thanks must go to Peter and Rebecca Higgins and their family. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that this event was possible. In particular, Peter’s unwavering determination and resilience has made the impossible, possible. One could not have hoped for a better setting.

Thanks to David Emerton for producing, with the help of Jim, two of the most amazing fields. Hector Guerrero, the 45-year-old, former 7 goal, said ‘’these are the best fields I’ve played on in the world’’.

We must thank the Tolhurst’s, Peter Huston and clubs Windsor and Killarney for their outstanding support and for hosting the teams throughout the tournament.

I thank Jim and Pat for your support. Without both of you, we would not have been able to put 280 horses together.

The Horse Stewards have been incredible. They have worked round the clock to make sure that the horses were well looked after and performed to the best of their ability. A big thank you to Matty, Earl, Brodie, Guy, Adam Meally, Jeff, Cooch, Willo, DJ, Drew, Mark and Michael, Will Simson, Jack Mantova and Glen.

Al, thank you for your help and support, you were beside me at every game. To Glen, DJ, Negro, Ru and Tom, thank you for transporting the horses.

Katie Edmeades, to you and all the grooms, a massive thank you. It was one big amazing team, helping each other all day long.

To Marta and your team, thank you for your professional approach in working side by side to ensure that we kept the horses fit and sound.

To Fi and Gen– the ‘A Team’. Without the both of you, there would have been no World Cup. It has been a wonderful relationship and something I will cherish.

I would like to thank my family and especially Pete, Will, Jasper and Gus, that allowed me to be away for three weeks/two years, through drought.

Tina, your support has been second to none. There are no words to express the effort you have given. Thank you for everything.

Horse Lenders, we have done something that could not be repeated anywhere in the world. The quality of the horses that were gifted to this World Cup, I feel will never be equalled.

Jose Zegers, after playing Ronny Wanless’ Romance and Samantha; ‘’I haven’t got horses in Chile as good as these two mares’’.

Jose Miguel Pereira Riesco on Belltrees’ Sunshine ‘’This is the best horse I’ve ever played’’.

Satnam Dhillion and Peter Webb, after playing Ellerston’s Harry, Al Simson’s Romanella and Archibald’s Rennick, asked if they could fly their two strings home, because these were better than anything they had in England.

Tomas Panelo loved Schnapps, I think he meant Greg Carn’s horse, not the drink!

To all of you, thank you so much. It has been an outstanding team effort that has put Australian Polo in a place I don’t think it has been before. I think that the Australian, XI FIP World Polo Championship will be talked about for many years to come.

Well done, muchas gracias!



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