Polo International Saturday 6th April AUSTRALIA v ENGLAND

5 Mar 2019

The Australia squads and England teams have been announced for the Australia v England Polo International at Windsor Polo Club on Saturday 6th April 2019

Australia Test Squad: Jack Archibald 6g, Matt Grimes 6g, Ruki Baillieu 6g, Alec White 5g, Dirk Gould 5g, Jake Daniels 5g

England Test Team: 1.Jimbo Fewster (3) 2 . Tomas Beresford (6) 3. Jack Richardson (7) Bk. James Harper (7) – Captain 

Ladies Polo International
Australia Ladies Squad: Indi Bennetto 5g, Billie Mascart 5g, Phillipa Fitz-Henry 4g, Alessia Russo 4g, Whitney Warren 4g

England Ladies Team: Alex James 3g, Lucy Bliss 4g, Sian Barnacle 6g, Lottie Lamacraft 6g (c)

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