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The Australian Polo Federation Victor Ludorum Polo Series is to start in 2014.

The Victor Ludorum (Latin: Winner of the Games) is a trophy conducted over the course of the calendar year.

The ultimate winner is the team that aggregates the most points during the calendar year by participating in as many designated Victor Ludorum tournaments as possible.

The Inaugural Victor Ludorum competition will be held across three goal levels, each competing for a different trophy.

This is a national competition with points available from tournaments in each state.

To earn points, a team must meet the eligibility criteria set out below.

The Victor Ludorum concept is designed to encourage clubs and teams to play together as a team through the season and participate in many tournaments at many clubs.

Points can be earned by entering tournaments, reaching the semi-finals, making the final and, of course, winning the final.

At the conclusion of the calendar year the team with the most points will win the Victor Ludorum trophy.

The trophies will be presented at the inaugural Australian Polo Awards dinner in Sydney in March 2015.

The Victor Ludorum trophies have been named in honour of three of the all-time greats of the game and Hall of Fame inductees;  Sinclair Hill, Bob Skene and Jim MacGinley.

The Victor Ludorum tournaments in each level are below.


The Sinclair Hill

(16 goal and above)

J.D. McLeod Cup                                                              (Ellerston - NSW)                            MAR

The Morton Cup                                                               (Hawkesbury - NSW)                     MAR

Countess of Dudley Cup                                               (Hawkesbury - NSW)                     MAR

K.F.P. Packer Cup                                                             (Ellerston – NSW)                           OCT

Garangula Spring Cup                                                    (Garangula - NSW)                          OCT


The Bob Skene

 (12 goal)

Garangula Autumn Cup                                                (Garangula – NSW)                         April

MacIntyre Cup                                                                  (Scone - NSW)                                  Sept      

Australian Open                                                               (SEQP - QLD)                                      Sept

Sydney Gold Cup                                                             (Sydney Polo Club – NSW)          Oct

Windsor Spring Cup                                                       (Windsor – NSW)                            Oct

Melbourne Cup                                                                                (VPA - VIC)                                         Nov


The Jim MacGinley

(8 goal)


Urquhart Cup                                                                    (Melbourne – Vic)                          Jan

Barr-Smith Cup                                                                (Adelaide - SA)                                 Feb

VPA Championships                                                       (Yaloak – Vic)                                    Feb

WA Open                                                                            (Perth – WA)                                     Mar

Ellerston Autumn Cup                                                   (Ellerston - NSW)                            Mar

Morton Cup                                                                       (Hawkesbury – NSW)                    Mar

Countess of Dudley Cup (Alec McLeod Cup)       (Hawkesbury – NSW)                    Mar

Hector King Trophy                                                         (Hawkesbury – NSW)                    Apr

Sydney Silver Cup                                                           (Sydney Polo Club – NSW)          Apr

Gooch Cup                                                                          (Serpentine – WA)                         Apr

Charles Cup                                                                        (Kings Meadow – WA)                  Apr

Jemalong                                                                            (Jemalong – NSW)                          Apr

The Ashton Memorial                                                   (Millamalong – NSW)                    May

The Ashton Cup                                                                (Goulburn– NSW)                          May

Ashling Cup                                                                        (SEQP – QLD)                                     June

Mercedes Benz Cup                                                       (SEQP – QLD)                                     June

Queensland Gold Cup                                                   (SEQP – QLD)                                     Aug

Northern Challenge Cup                                              (Quirindi – NSW)                             Sept

The Mackay Cup                                                               (Wirragulla – NSW)                        Sept

JRC Davies Cup                                                                 (Scone – NSW)                                 Sep

Archibald – Cudmore Cup                                            (Ellerston - NSW)                            Oct


How to Win Points

Enter a selected tournament     =             10 points

Reach the semi final                      =             10 points

Win subsidiary final                       =             5 points

Reach the final                                 =             10 points

Win the final                                     =             20 points

Maximum points allocated to the winning team will be 50 points.

The team with the most points at the end of the year will be the winner.


Team Eligibility
“To be eligible to accrue points in each Victor Ludorum tournament, a team must contain at least 3 players who have previously played with that team during the current season”

Substitution of players is permitted provided at least 3 players in each team have previously played for the team in the current season.

Teams may also request a further substitution should a player become unable to play due to injury or another legitimate reason.

The committee shall apply a ‘resonableness’ test to each request.

Tournament Eligibility
Each Victor Ludorum sanctioned tournament must abide by the HPA and APF rules in respect of the draw and seedings.

At least four teams must enter the tournament for Victor Ludorum points to apply.

The Victor Ludorum committee has the right to rescind Victor Ludorum points if tournaments do not meet eligibility rules.

How to enter

Email the following detail to the APF:

Goal level at which you intend to compete:

Team name:

Team members:

Tournaments at which you will compete:

Team contact details:

Note you can enter additional tournaments during the year, but please notify the APF when doing so.

Victor Ludorum Committee

Jeremy Bayard, Sam Hopkinson, Peter White, Glen Gilmore.